03 : About Me


I have spent the last six years immersed in the world of programming, particularly Front-End Web Development. I've always had a love for computers and the internet, starting at a young age tinkering around with game mods and VFX YouTube videos. These days I spend my time freelancing: helping businesses and individuals realize their goals, and spread their message, through means of building a beautiful modern website.


My other true love is that of music. I've been a pianist for over two decades and have been working as a professional musician on the side for four years. It's a creative endeavor - a way to express yourself beyond what is possible with words alone.

A 21st Century Romantic

I'm a person who loves the beauty of life. Be it the majesty of a sunset, the crisp morning air in a mountain forest, the still serenity of a babbling brook. I believe in the rejuvenating power of nature, and the potential for humanity to be a force for good. I strive to put that same effort and energy into my projects - to focus on building something beautiful <3